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Mobile Warming - Melting the Barriers to Language Learning with Mobile Devices

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Mobile Warming: Melting the Barriers to Language Learning with Mobile Devices


Thursday, March 27, 8:00 - 9:15 am PST, 3:00 - 4:15 GMT. To join the webcast, click here


Abstract:  This session provides insights and activities that incorporate mobile applications for English language learning. Presenters will demonstrate language learning practices that are best supported by the features and applications offered through the use of mobile apps and devices, such as interactive features and apps for auraloral language development. Strategies for accommodating several different mobile devices in one classroom will also be discussed.
 Time Presenters  Topic 
8:00 am 

Sandy Wagner, Associate Professor,  Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, Monterey, CA, sandylw303@yahoo.com 


Sandy Wagner introduces the session with pedagogical considerations and language learning practices best supported by the features and applications offered through the use of mobile devices and supported apps. A rubric for evaluating apps and interactive features is highlighted.  




Youtube video: http://youtu.be/VX3Aj7kvPu8

StoryKit Viewer: Life with Mobile Devices 

Thinglink App: Apps that Support Language Learning Activities, http://www.thinglink.com/scene/504157906984239106 

App Evaluation Rubric

App Comparison Rubric

Criteria for App Selection

Poll Everywhere Questions Results site: thttp://tinyurl.com/129x4j  


Susan Gaer, Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education, susangaer@gmail.com

Susan Gaer demonstrates interactive features of using a mobile devices. Applications shown will be available for both Android and IPad/Iphone users in order to include as many devices as  possible in the classroom.
Slides: SGaer-mobile warmingsg.ppt

Research--Texting as a Language Learning Tool--


  1. Remind 101 (US and Canada)--https://www.remind101.com/
  2. What’s UP app (International)-- http://www.whatsapp.com (first year free and $.99/year after that

Instant Student Response System 

Download the PowerPoint and handout at http://bit.ly/mobilewarming

  Marsha Chan, Sunburst Media, marsha@sunburstmedia.com 

Marsha Chan demonstrates several mobile apps for aural-oral language development, three designed for English language learners  and one designed for musicians 

Slides: MChan-mobile-warming-aural-oral-lang-dev.pptx
Links: Links-Marsha-mobile-warming-aural-oral-apps.docx 

9:30  Q & A   

Marsha Chan is Mission College ESL Professor; Pronunciation Doctor on Youtube; President of Sunburst Media; author of speech, pronunciation, listening books and media; and frequent speaker at teacher training institutes in North America and Asia. She is co-founder of CATESOL's TELL-IG Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Interest Group and TOP-IG Teachers of Pronunciation Interest Group. The one place she travels without a mobile device is the swimming pool.


Susan Gaer is a Professor of ESL at Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education and a series consultant for Pearson's New Series Project Success. She has been using mobile devices with her students and faculty for more than 4 years and has a passion for technology use. Susan is a past CALL-IS Chair, facilitates in TESOL's Teaching Online Certification Course PP109 and is the current chair of TESOL nominating committee.


Sandy Wagner is an Associate Professor at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey California.  In her current position, she is project manager for the development of technology resources that integrate the capabilities of technology with language learning.  She also provides teacher training in technology integration. Sandy is past chair of the CALL-IS and remains involved with the Electronic Village planning team as volunteer coordinator. She facilitates TESOL's PP103 Teaching Reading and Writing Online.  



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