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Interactive Mobile Tools for the Next Generation

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CALL-IS InterSection (with VDM-IS)

Interactive Mobile Tools for the Next Generation


Saturday, March 29, 4:00 - 5:45 pm PST, 11:00 pm - 12:45 am GMT. To join the webcast, click here.


Abstract:  Mobile devices with video cameras have ushered in new opportunities for ESL learners. While cloud-based tools like Evernote and Voice-thread provide innovative methods for interaction, gaming platforms such as ARIS make novel use of cameras as tools. This CALL/VDM-IS intersession seeks to explore these opportunities and related challenges.
Time   Presenters  Topic 
4:00 pm  Abraham Reshad, Ohio University, reshada@ohio.edu 

Using Mobile Media for Language Learning: 

This talk will begin by presenting the various uses of mobile media for language learning and presenting examples of each.  In particular, this presentation seeks to uncover accessible and customizable tools that fully leverage ubiquitous hand held devices. 


References for Powerpoint Presentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1urd-VN_9U3D7He9UOdFr4Zd3fFgkmKnjTSCmCqrK6H0/edit?usp=sharing


  Erica Coffelt, Ohio University, coffelt@ohio.edu  6 Benefits Discovered (and the Challenges Uncovered)
  Thomas Healy, The Pratt Institute, thomas_healy@mac.com

Confessions of a Technophobe: 

How does a 20th Century teacher engage 21st Century learners?  

  Najma Janjua, Kagawa Prefectural University of Health Sciences,
Mobile lectures for ELLs on the move 

Abraham Reshad

Abraham Reshad serves as a lecturer & database/CALL coordinator in the Ohio Program of Intensive English at Ohio University.  These positions have brought with them the privilege of teacher training in relation to CALL, managing mobile labs, and database instruction to fellow instructors. For the past 3 years, he has focused on utilizing mobile media to augment classroom instruction in terms of reading and vocabulary.  Now, he seeks to uncover how ESL students may benefit from locative based augmented reality applications from mobile devices. 


Erica Coffelt

Erica Coffelt is lecturer in the Ohio Program of Intensive English at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  She also is Assistant to the Program Director, advising students, coordinating special programs, and updating information.  She enjoys hiking, skiing, cycling, and, of course, traveling.


Thomas Healy

Thomas Healy is a lecturer in the Intensive English Program at the Pratt Institute, New York and at Kyung Hee Cyber University, Seoul. He is also a curriculum development consultant with the Cora Group, New York. A recent convert to e-learning, he has published print materials with Heinle, Oxford University Press and Mc-Graw Hill. 


Gabriela Arguedas


Najma Janjua

Najma Janjua, Ph.D., is an alumna of McGill University, Montreal Canada. She is the Immediate-Past-Chair of ESP-IS and a recipient of Canada's Quebec Ministry of Health FRSQ Postdoctoral Fellowship, Japan Ministry of Education Research Scientist Fellowship, JSPS Special Researcher Fellowship, Best of JALT Award, and TESOL Award for Classroom Action Research.  Dr. Janjua’s research interests in language education include English for medical purposes (EMP), language transfer in Japanese learners of English,
and comparative studies of EFL education in nonnative-English-speaking countries. She has developed and implemented EMP curricula at three Japanese national and public universities and is currently a professor at Kagawa Prefectural University of Health Sciences, in Takamatsu, Japan.






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